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Notes about Reservations

A reservation made without following the policies and procedures set forth below for the reservation system and court use by the Foundation (see Policies link on Reservation page) is considered invalid and may be subject to deletion when the member fails to correct the error after being notified by the Reservations Administrator through the email on file at least 24 hours prior to the incorrect reservation.

Failure to sign in properly with all players names at the time of play will be considered a “no show” for a reservation and count toward the penalties for 3 late cancellations/no shows as set forth below.

Any reservation cancelled within 6 hours of play on the same day, or cancelled after 8 PM for the morning hours (7:30 AM - 10:30 AM) of the next day, is considered late. The Court Administrator, who reviews all cancellations daily, will send a notice that your cancellation was late to the email you have used for the reservation system. After 3 late cancellations/no shows in any 60 day period, the Foundation Board may suspend your reservation privileges for 30 days if, in the sole opinion of the Foundation, circumstances warrant this temporary loss of privileges.

Remember: All players, whether arriving with or without a reservation, MUST still sign-in in the pro shop before playing on the courts!  Members with a reservation who fail to sign in will be considered to not have kept their reservation and will be subject to losing their reservation privileges. When making a reservation, please type out or choose the names of those who will actually be playing.  Except for parents who must reserve on behalf of their children, the reserving member name listed should be one of the players.  

SMTC is now using this online reservation system for members to book court times. The system is available for all members to use on most digital devices.  Players may reserve a specific court for up to 2 hours for doubles or 1.5 hours for singles up to 5 days in advance but not closer than 2 hours before play. The Board may also set aside courts for special Club events and for use by the teaching pros--but these will be easily seen.  Full reservation policies can be viewed by clicking on the blue “Policies” link at the top right of the daily schedule. Members are still able to play without a reservation;  they will be able to use any non reserved court for up to the same 2 or 1.5 hours if other walk-ons are waiting, or until a reservation arrives for their court time.  During daylight hours on weekends, Court 2 will be kept open for anyone in the community to walk on and play. Everyone may view the reservation schedule throughout the day on a monitor positioned in the pro shop.  

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