San Marino Tennis Center - Policies

Members are allowed to reserve a court for a maximum of 2 hours for doubles and 1.5 hours for singles. Reservations may be made a maximum of 5 days in advance and must be made at least 2 hours before the start time. A doubles reservation requires 4 actual players. If three or fewer players are listed (or on court), this will be considered a "singles" reservation limited to 1.5 hours. A reservation for one player to practice (serve or ball machine) should not be made. A single player practicing may be bumped if others are waiting. The reserving member must be one of the players on court, with the exception of parents reserving for their child. When a non-playing parent reserves, they should always list their child's name and his or her playing partners. When making a reservation, members must list the exact names of those who will be actually playing; each of these players should then sign in on arrival at the club.

All members are reminded that every player MUST SIGN IN at the clubhouse desk. Failure to sign in properly with all players names at the time of play will be considered a “no show” for a reservation and count toward the penalties for 3 late cancellations/no shows as set forth below.

Any guest fees due are payable before play begins. Reservations will only be honored for 15 minutes after their designated start time. If only 1 player has arrived by then, the reservation is void and the court will be open to walk-ons until the next scheduled reservation begins. A member may only reserve 2 hours of total play on one day.

Members need to cancel any reservation which they will not be able to make. Any reservation cancelled within 6 hours of play on the same day, or cancelled after 8 PM for the morning hours (7:30 AM - 10:30 AM) of the next day, is considered late. The Administrator will email you that your reservation was late. After 3 late cancellations/no shows in any 60 day period, the Foundation Board may suspend your reservation privileges for 30 days.

Any one member may only have 3 pending reservations in the 5 day reservation period and may only reserve up to a maximum of 2 hours of court time daily. ”Back-to-back" bookings in which players want to continue on the court beyond the initial reservation time are restricted: (a) the system automatically prevents consecutive bookings by the same member (b) consecutive reservations beyond the allowed time for the same 2 players for singles, or, for the same 3 or 4 players for doubles are not allowed, no matter who makes the reservation (c) if one new player is substituted in for singles, a back-to-back booking may only be made for an additional hour (d) if 2 or 3 new players are substituted in for doubles, a "back-to-back" booking may only be made for an additional 1.5 hours

Member play has priority on all courts except when lessons are in progress on these courts during the following times:

Court 3 ("Teaching Court"): all hours of operation

Court 1: 10 AM-5 PM weekdays and Noon-3 PM Sat/Sun

Court 2: during specific additional clinic hours

Players without a reservation are welcome to play on any court until a member or staff pro is ready to begin his/her reserved time.

On weekends, Court 2 will remain available for member and community Walk-ons and is not reservable until dark. When other courts are full with reservations and another walk-on is waiting, players using the walk-on court will be limited from their sign in time to 1 hour of singles play or 1.5 hours of doubles before they must yield and wait, either for another court free from reservation or the walk-on court again. If the players on the walk-on court are completing play begun on another court, their time of play before moving to the walk-on court will count as part of their 1 or 1.5 hour limit.

Occasionally, the Club will reserve courts in advance for special events or tournaments as shown on the booking site.

Members who abuse the reservation system and club rules, including failing to show up when scheduled, frequently cancelling at the last minute, or overbooking consecutive time slots, may have their reservation privileges suspended. A reservation made without following policy may be considered invalid and subject to deletion when the member fails to correct the error after being emailed by the Reservations Administrator at least 24 hours prior to the incorrect reservation.